Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eat your fruits and veggies but be careful what you buy!

I admit...I am a lazy blogger. I mostly just cut and paste links that i find useful or helpful to people. Having a small business in the cleaning industry, i am just so dang busy with no time to do what i love! Frankly, i love writing but i have forgotten how over the years because i have been too busy since i can remember. Today was supposed to be a massive ice storm which caused me to cancel all my cleans for today (major cash loss by the way) and as it turns out, it is a really nice day. It has, however, allowed me some time to sit in front of my computer and while perusing facebook, i came across an article regarding certified organic products

 I took the time to read it and so should you! With all of this awareness of GMO'S and PESTICIDES, you would think i would buy strictly organic but for some reason i always just reach for whatever is there. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and i will definitely start paying attention from now on to these particular items. I remember growing up and never having intestinal issues until i hit about 30 years old. Now i am 44 with all sorts of problems. I guess some of it can be linked to stress but i am starting to wonder if the food i have been eating over the past 15 years hasn't caused some of the problems i and apparently tons of other people are having with irritable bowel etc.
It shouldn't be this common! 20% of the population affected?? Caused by eating?? crazy eh!

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